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Church Planter Courses & Residency Program

Passion for Planting is thrilled to offer free church planter courses like our online tutorial and courses. These tools, as well as our Church Planter Residency program, are designed to help you get the best start possible. Starting a church isn’t as simple as we’d all like it to be. There are lots of things that have to happen between now and holding public worship services. These tools will help you get started on your church planting journey.


Free Church Planting Tutorial

A step by step church planting tutorial covering over 20 topics you need to address as you plant your church. Ready to get started?

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Free Online Church Planting Courses

Passion for Planting is proud to offer online church planting courses developed in partnership with Exponential.

  • NCL-101:  Introduction to New Church Development
    You’ve been called to plant a church – now what? This Introduction to New Church Development course provides valuable “next steps” for the incredible journey you’re about to embark on. You’ll receive practical nuts and bolts knowledge and learn “how to” methods for church planting from the ground up. Topics include: calling, vision, planning, oversight, fundraising, volunteer management, and operations for the new church (e.g. marketing, outreach, facilities, equipment, legal requirements, worship/teaching).
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  • NCL-201:  Practical Ministry in the New Church
    Pastors are counselors, teachers, and leaders. They’re motivators, encouragers, and preachers. But most importantly, pastors should be shepherds. The planter needs to be ready on day 1 to serve as pastor and shepherd for the new church family. In this course, the planter will learn “how to” skills for practical ministry areas such as pastoral care, counseling, weddings, funerals, benevolence and family ministry (children and youth).
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  • NCL-301:  Preaching and Teaching in the New Church
    Why do churches make such a big deal out of preaching? Why does the sermon typically take up half of a church service?  Well, the truth is churches make a big deal out of preaching because the Bible makes a big deal of preaching. Sermon preparation and delivery is one of the most important functions of the senior minster. This course will prepare the church planter for preaching and teaching in the new church.
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Church Planting Residency

Selecting the right residency is an excellent choice for learning from those who have experience to help you get prepared for this journey. Residency programs are offered by several organizations. Take a look at the article from Christianity Today linked below.

The Arrogance and Impatience of Church Planters: How slowing down helps us start stronger churches.

If you’re just beginning to determine God’s call in your life and if that call is to plant a church, a residency program is a great option. Investing time in the beginning will save you from a world of hurt as you are trying to save a hurting world.

Here’s a link to our residency program. Spaces are always limited. Choose wisely.

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